Be Our Partner

  1. Choose area of business.
  2. Company will determine if the area is available or has been occupied by other stockist.
  3. If the location was filled by an active stockist, we will suggest to cover other area not tap by the stockist.
  4. Fill in the Form as stockist.
  5. Submit the form to Natural Prebiotic Office (HQ) in Bangsar for processing.
  6. Make payment to HQ or online payment at Maybank Berhad – Account No: 5642 5855 7264
  7. Rm8,265 will be charged during the registration for products and registration fees
  8. Comply with our Business Policy.
  9. For further inquiries, please contact us.
  1. Registration Fee – RM50 + GST
  2. Annual Fee – RM200 + GST
  3. Initial purchase of RM8000 worth of products.
  4. Minimum monthly purchase of 100 units of products or 300 units within 3 months.
  5. Free delivery of purchase more than 30 items.
  6. 5% sales incentives in the form of products for purchases more than 300 jars/box within 3 months.
  7. Stockists will be supply with the marketing tools such as CDs/DVDs, brochures, bunting, receipt book and product knowledge.
  8. Stockists shall comply with the selling price set by NPSB.
  9. Stockists may not change or alter any form of packaging or labelling of products provided by NPSB.
  10. Any form of advertising through media or internet (website) must obtain prior approval from NPSB. However NPSB does not prevent any sales through Facebook and blog.
  11. NPSB reserve the rights to retract the stockists status if found to have violated any terms and conditions.
  12. NPSB reserve the rights to change the price or policy at any time.