Natural Prebiotic (M) Sdn Bhd (NPSB), formerly known as Natural Life Fibre (M) Sdn Bhd, incorporated on the 7th of January 2011 is the brainchild of Dr. Mohamad Sallehin Bin Abu Bakar.

The founder and CEO of NPSB is Dr. Mohamad Sallehin Bin Abu Bakar P.M.P MBChB. With a team of enterprising headed by Dr. Mohamad Sallehin Abu Bakar and assisted by a team of skilled personnel, the company has been given the sole and exclusive rights to develop and market Al Manna and Tayebat (acacia) products in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, China, India and Bangladesh. The acacia products are imported from Sudan.

Dr. Mohamad Sallehin Bin Abu Bakar, a medical doctor with decades of experience as a General Practitioner, faced a fair share of frustrations and fulfilments in treating various diseases among people from all walks of life. Over the years he came to realize the limitations of conventional Medical Sciences in dealing with many existing human health conditions such as diabetes and Hypertension which continue to cause misery among many Malaysians. His quest to help alleviate the problems faced by his patients led him gaining increased knowledge about the human body and its functions. Chief among this was crucial knowledge about the role of probiotics in aiding human health and longevity. At the same time he was dismayed to realise how careless and excessive dispensation of antibiotics caused deterioration in the natural human defence and immune systems and the detrimental effects of excessive fibre in the human diet in flushing out the natural probiotics in the human digestive system. He also learnt about the significant role of the appendix as a sanctuary for good bacteria and as the source of the lymphoid tissues essential for the human immune system.

Dr. Mohamad Sallehin’s introduction to Al Manna and Tayebat, came like an answer to his prayers. It contributed to a change in his perception of the human body and awakened him to the immense potential of the health benefits of Gum Arabic, not just as a prebiotic but as a source of essential nutrients.

Sharing this knowledge with his fellow members of the medical fraternity and others has become a life mission of immense importance to Dr. Mohamad Sallehin as is the delivery of this Hidden Food to the people. Thus began his role in the Manna Mission and the birth of this company.

Gum Arabic has been used in the Food and Beverage industry for generations as E414. Its uses range from retention of flavour to food preservation as well as a healthy food option. While the widespread use and benefits of Gum Arabic is long established the focus of NPSB is on the health benefits of Gum Arabic.

Al Manna & Tayebat marketed by NPSB include both Health and Wellness Products. All the products include different formulations of Al-Manna and Tayebat. Al Manna is acacia (Gum Arabic) exudate from Acacia senegal which contains 85% of prebiotics and other essential nutrients while Tayebat is Gum Arabic derived from Acacia senegal and Acacia seyal and contains 87% of prebiotics and other essential nutrients.

The benefits of NPSB’s products, Al-Manna and Tayebat, are wide ranging for the betterment of human health. Among others they contribute to lowering blood serum cholesterol, alleviation of chronic constipation, helps in the treatment of renal failure, provides energy enhancement, enhancement of the performance of the intestines, lowering of blood pressure among normal individuals as well as diabetics as well as the prevention of obesity and the development of metabolic syndrome.

Further, they also help promote the growth of higher numbers of beneficial bacteria, such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli which are well recognized for their health-improving characteristics, without stimulation of unwanted bacteria. This aids the human body by crowding out the bad bacteria and enhancing the efficacy of antibiotics and the immune system. The good bacteria aids in discharging waste, toxins and excess fat from the body.

These NPSB products, Al Manna & Tayebat, also have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which are immensely beneficial to human health. It can also aid with conditions such as sensitive skin diseases, diarrhoea, nerves, diabetes, hyperactivity, infection rates of heart diseases and much more.

Metchnikoff’s Legacy

Prof. Dr. Elie Metchnikoff from Ukraine/Russia, a renowned Nobel Prize Winner hypothesized that : When people have learnt how to cultivate suitable flora in the intestines of children as soon as they are weaned from their mother’s breast, their normal life will be put much further back and may extend to twice my 70 years …..


The long held belief that a healthy intestinal tract leads to a long life is echoed by the esteemed Dr. Minoru Shirota, who aimed to create a product to maintain overall health and wellness and credited creating the world’s first probiotic shot drink, Yakult!

Dr. Shirota believed in ‘preventive medicine’ which chiefly revolved around : – Exercising, eating healthy and consuming probiotics daily !

Dr. Mohammad Sallehin

I believe prebiotics and probiotics are here to stay. The days of injudicious usage of antibiotics that kill both the good and bad bacteria are numbered. Let us all give our health a second chance. We cannot repeatedly do the same thing and expect a different outcome or result. True to my Hippocratic Oath, I only wish to alleviate the suffering of the sick and not to cause them harm.

The Gum Arabic Products from NPSB are certified halal, 100% organic and safe for human consumption.

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