Where It All Started...

A true story.

My sister was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in 2012…
— Arfiz, Managing Director

At only age 30 and 2 months after giving birth to her 2nd daughter, she was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. We came across Gum Arabic (powder form) in our search. The doctor who prescribed it explained that it is rich in prebiotic content and other important minerals. She consumed it diligently and within weeks, the cancer growth had reduced substantially, and eventually cleared altogether. She’s had no remission since and today, she is blessed with 4 healthy daughters.

We had discovered something incredible in the science of prebiotics and gut health. And we made it our mission to spread this knowledge.

Micro Goodness, Big Impact.

Now more than ever, awareness on staying healthy. preventing sickness and living a healthier lifestyle has trumped the list of priorities on peoples' minds. Optimising our health can be complex as it consists of various factors - diet and nutrition, exercise, mental health and other lifestyle choices.

Looking at things on a macro level, we knew we had to tackle all aspect of living a healthier life, with the help of nature's best kept ingredients - incorporating natural prebiotics in our daily lives to keep our health in check. 

Our Values

Being Inclusive

Everyone has their own health concerns. The company is dedicated to the continued research and development of Manna and Tayebat derivatives to promote health, wellness and longevity, suitable for everyone of all ages, race and gender to use

We Put You First

We want to inspire people to take better care of themselves with the help of powerful natural prebiotics. This means continuously sharing key information about how you can optimize your health, prevent sicknesses and live your best life. This will be the core focus of our content. 


Everyone should have easy access to health. Our products are conveniently available to purchase online. while our help care team is a text away. 

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