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Tayebat (Jar)

Tayebat (Jar)

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Feed the good bacteria in your gut with food it’ll thrive on and provide your body with all 20 essential amino acids! (Yes, you’re not the only one needing food, the good bacteria in your gut needs it to too!). Start the day with an energy and immunity boost with just a few teaspoons of Tayebat!

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Mohd Izaney Ibrahim
Super food


Yusoff Amir

Tayebat (Jar)

Things to know

Product Info

Dry powdered form which consists of very fine particles & granules that will flow freely when shaken or tilted.
Dissolves in water and produces a mixture of non-viscous fluids which is easy to handle and consume.
Solid earthy brown colour with a pleasant, natural and ambrosial earthy smell.

Each jar contains 500 grams net weight of Tayebat. Suitable for all ages.

How to use

Consume daily, ideally when you wake up for an energy boost before meals. Mix 1-3 tsp (5g/tsp) with 125ml of water. Alternatively, visit our IG for recommended smoothie recipes.


100% dried exudated Acacia Seyal

Recommended Dose & Usage

Adults (12 year and above) : 3 tsp
2 - 11 years : 1.5 tsp
Infant - 1 year : 1 tsp
We recommend completing your routine with a daily dose of Manna in the evening for optimal benefits.

What our customers say

Customer Testimonials

  • “I have, for several years, suered from nerve problems that causes my hands to be numb - unable to grip or clap.”

    I also experience numbness in my legs every morning and can only get out of bed after resting for another 10 to 20 minutes. I often go to the hospital to take medicine to relieve this pain but the relieve is only temporary.

    After being introduced to Tayebat, my numbness and nerve problems have substantially improved after consuming it for only 3 weeks. I am also very happy because I can now move my hands without any pain or numbness.

    I also no longer feel the pain in the leg joints in the morning anymore. My
    appetite is also getting better. Alhamdulillah for discovering this good food.

    Sharifah Salbiah, 55 years old 
  • "After 3 months, the pain that I had from arthritis for so long has diminished..."

    Saya seorang yang tak pernah mempercayai mana-mana produk kesihatan yang dipernalkan oleh sesiapa pun kerana mereka sentiasa megatakan produk mereka yang terbaik. Sebenarnya, saya menghidap penyakit arthritis selama beberapa tahun dan hanya makan ubat yang disyorkan oleh doktor serta menerimakan rawatan phisiotherapy. Namun demikina, penyakit itu cuma reda sekejap sahaja. Saya dipernalkan kepada produk Manna & Tayebat oleh seorang doktor dan berdasarkan penjelasan beliau, saya merasakan bukti-bukti sains yang didedahkan masuk akal. Oleh sebab itu, saya telah makan Manna & Tayebat sejak 18 March 2012. Selepas 3 bulan, saya dapat merasakan perubahan tehadap diri saya dan kesihatan akibat arthritis yang saya sarakan selama ini telah banyak berkurangan.

    Hajjah Normah Binti Mohd Alidan, 59 Tahun 
  • "My body started to be more energetic"

    After recovering from covid, my body felt weak and helpless. I started taking Tayebat and Manna which was given to me by a friend, my body started to be energetic and I started to have an apetite. Alhamdulillah, I am healthy now.

    Mrs Zainab, 62 years old